la France s’offre la Roumanie et se qualifie pour le dernier carré

After its very good start against Slovakia (5-0 victory), the France U19 team faced Romania for this second group stage match of the Euro. A new success could qualify the Blueberries of Landry Chauvin for the semi-finals of a competition where they appear more and more like the great favorites, in the same way as England. The coach took advantage of this meeting to make some changes, such as the tenure of Doukouré or Ba, while the offensive line did not change.

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Besides, we quickly found the same ones as in the first game. After good work from Ba, Virginius took everyone by surprise to offer a perfect cross to Tchaouna (0-1, 12th). With two and one goals respectively, the two players had already shone against the Slovaks. This good start to the match did not stop there because on the next occasion, Popa intervened twice on a shot from Doukouré first, then a recovery from Bonny deflected for a corner (15th).

Blueberries qualified

France continued its clear domination, displaying its technical and physical superiority to Romanians completely overwhelmed. On a quickly played free kick, Varela tumbled on the left side to find Adeline alone at the penalty spot, who sent the ball into the opposing goal (0-2, 20th). Despite a break in advance, the Bleuets went back to the front after a slightly weaker time but neither Bonny (38th), nor the Le Havrais Touré, mounted at the forefront (41st) and neither Tchaouna (44th) managed to increase the bill before the break.

The fate of this meeting could still change, especially since the Romanian changes before the hour mark were good. Moreover, the incoming Radaslavescu offered a good attempt (60th), responding to Da Silva (58th). Les Bleuets tried to take cover but Virginius did not convert (64th, 67th), leaving Romania the opportunity to come back via Coubis (1-2, 82nd). The young French people were even a little scared at the end between a (magnificent) goal denied to Chirițoiu (85th) and a last shot from Dănuleasă (90th + 5). France still won 2-1, qualified for the semi-finals even before the third match against Italy, and validated their ticket for the U20 World Cup in 2023.

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