Joalukas Noah: His clan (almost) reunited for his 18th birthday, two important absentees noticed

It was the best of occasions to get together: on June 10, on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Joalukas Noah, the son of former tennis player Yannick Noah and his ex-wife Isabelle Camus, the whole family found herself on the barge Zouave of the Bateaux Mouches de Paris for an absolutely memorable party. Hugging his son in his arms, Yannick Noah seemed absolutely delighted to be there and did not hesitate to pose with the producer, from whom he has been separated for more than a year now.

Rather happy to celebrate such an important step in the life of their offspring, the two exes seemed on very good terms and had fun with their guests. Among which we also found Jean-Claude Camus, a great producer and who happens to be the grandfather of the young man, the father of his mother Isabelle.

The two big sisters of Joalukas, Eleejah and Jenaye, had also made the trip to share the evening with their little brother. Born in 1996 and 1997 from love between the singer and the model Heather Stewart-Whyte, the two young women, whose youngest is a model, had taken with them their other half-brother (on their mother’s side), Tomathy, who gets along particularly well with Joalukas.

The family found themselves very united around the splendid cake all in candy from Pastel Candy at midnight, the hour at which the Eiffel Tower sparkled!

The two young women danced all evening and showed how close they are, posing with many guests including their father, of course, but also their two little brothers and Jean-Claude Camus. On the other hand, two important members of the clan were missing: the elders of the family, Joakim and Yelena were both absent from the evening.

But no confusion in sight between the brothers and sisters, who had all found themselves a few months ago on vacation in Jamaica: the ex-basketball player, 37, and his sister, 36, simply live far from the France and couldn’t make the trip for the evening. The young woman, born like her brother from a first union of their father with the Swede Cécilia Rhodes, indeed lives in Hawaii with her son Nohea. The oldest of the family lives in the United States with his future wife, Laïs Ribeiro and his daughter Leia, 5 and a half years old, born of a first union.

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