Jauffrey (Married at first sight) still single since breaking up with Cyndie? He answers !

Between Jauffrey and Cyndie of Married at first sight, it’s over. More than six months after the end of filming, the lifeguard talks about his new love life, as a young divorcee.

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Never two without three. The show Married at first sight is coming to an end and it’s time for couples to make a decision: do they want to stay married to their partner? After Axel and Caroline, Émilie and Frédérick, it’s Cyndie and Jauffrey’s turn to part ways. It was during the final assessment that they announced the sad news to the experts; a decision that surprised quite a few fans. If the couple had difficulty taking the next step with a physical rapprochement, the complicity was there. Not enough for Cyndie who is looking for a man ready to start a family and welcome a woman into his life. Reproaches that Jauffrey did not understand. Six months after filming, are the ex-weds still single? Answer.

Jauffrey, a heart to take

For the past few weeks, Cyndie has been fighting a rumor around her possible relationship with Frédérick, candidate for the show. Married at first sight. If the two ex-weds have always denied their couple, they remain discreet about their private life and wait for the end of the broadcast of the show to say more. For his part, Jauffrey prefers to answer frankly. “Yes”he says to our colleagues from TV Magazine, the lifeguard is still single: “Even if I had adventures between the end of filming and today”. Our contract with the production prohibits us from appearing with another girl until broadcast. They can claim us up to 10,000 euros. I understand but it’s still long…”, he explains.

Jauffrey and Cyndie still in contact?

“No, we haven’t heard from each other for two or three weeks. We only knew each other for a month after all. Married on October 7 and divorced on November 7. I don’t even know if I can consider her an ex”, explained Jauffrey. If the couple officially announced their separation during the assessment in front of the experts, the two bride and groom had actually been separated since the weekend spent at Jauffrey. Another editing magic.

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