Insults, inappropriate gestures … Matt Houston skids at a concert at the Zénith de Paris

It was supposed to be his big comeback, but things got complicated: Matt Houston came out of his hinges during a concert at the Zenith in Paris.

So far, everything was going well. Matt Houston, known for his R’N’B career, started his new tour “Back to Basic 2000” in March, and this was to last until October. But the singer, who had already stood out for his clash with Diam’s, unfortunately made a misstep during his live this Saturday, June 18.

Matt slips

Indeed, this weekend was the occasion of reunion for the legends of the 2000s: alongside Matt Houston, the spectators were able to find on stage Willy Denzey, Yannick, Nuttea, Kayliah, Slai, Tribal King, or even the L5. During the concert, the singer’s voice wavers, letting the audience think that Matt is in a daze.

Very quickly, the latter begins to give the public the middle finger and insult it. Despite attempting to catch up, the crowd was then angry enough that the Houston team cut his microphone. The anger of the audience was immediately reflected on social networks, where spectators were able to express their dismay. In a video posted the next day, the musician does not budge: according to him, **the public has him “spit on it”; “there will be no excuses”**, he said. And to conclude: “I’m breaking my balls, I answer”.

A clash that could well cost Matt dearly. If some talk about “end of career“, we can in any case note that his concert in Saint-Lô this Tuesday, June 21 has been canceled. It remains to be seen…

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