Divers : Un vol avec Neymar à bord contraint à un atterrissage d’urgence

A big scare for Neymar during his vacation. While he oscillates between the United States, Las Vegas or Miami, but also Brazil during his few weeks of rest, the 30-year-old striker offered himself a thrill he could have done without on Tuesday. On board his private jet and accompanied by a few passengers, the occupants of the aircraft had to undergo an emergency landing while the plane had just entered Brazilian airspace.

Fortunately, more fear than harm for all. Between Barbados and Sao Paulo, the aircraft reportedly suffered a crack in the windshield, forcing it to perform an emergency maneuver. Not particularly shaken after the fact, the PSG player stopped to pose with airport employees. A gesture appreciated by locals who are not used to seeing the stars of their selection, the city where the aircraft having landed being located in the very north of Brazil.

Neymar should now enjoy a few days off in his native country, while the resumption of PSG is scheduled for July 4.

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