Cyril Hanouna reveals in TPMP the project that will land at the start of the school year (VIDEO)

“Don’t touch my post” without Cyril Hanouna, a hypothesis that seems completely unreal and far-fetched. However, for several months, the host and emblematic producer of C8 has cast a little doubt on his future but also that of his entertainment within the Canal group.

Last week, Cyril Hanouna was surprisingly evasive on the future of TPMP was not completely assured. “I will tell you if it will be one more season or one more season”, he had let go before saying more, pushed by the barely veiled concern of his columnists. “You know that the Canal+ group is my family. But we are in discussion and I will be able to give you news before the end of the week. There, that’s for sure, because there won’t be any other weeks,” he had promised.

This Monday, June 20, Cyril Hanouna returned to this point, without giving decisive information. “The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m not sure about you”, he launched to the chroniclers with “the darka” which characterizes him. “It’s very simple, I tell you, there are two scenarios. Whatever happens, I repeat to viewers, there will be a show next year. There will be TPMP next year. That’s for sure. Then I’ll tell you what’s going to happen.” he assured. There is no doubt that we will still have to wait until the end of the week to have the end of the story.

In the process, Cyril Hanouna informed that a new program was going to land at the start of the school year. “I’m also announcing it to you, that’s a little scoop. There will also be a new show, once a week, in prime time, hosted by myself. We’re going to do a new talk live, with laughs, happenings, guests from all over: politicians, actors, singers, darka”, he indicated. Kelly Vedovelli then hastened to ask a question that could concern her: “There will be columnists?”. And Cyril Hanouna, to conclude, always teasing: “For now, there will be me. Know that it will happen as soon as the start of the school year. It will happen faster than you think. That’s for sure. It doesn’t tell me where you’ll earn your bread“.



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