Cyndie of Married at first sight recounts her struggles to divorce Jauffrey

In an interview she gives us, Cyndie de Married at first sight reveals to us that the divorce procedure with Jauffrey was very long.

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If their story had started like a fairy tale, Cyndie and Jauffrey from Married at first sight quickly sensed that they weren’t on the same wavelength. Once back from their honeymoon, the magic quickly dissipated… Two hours on the road separate them. Jauffrey visited Cyndie in Grasse and she then went to Marseille. There, the young woman became disillusioned. Jauffrey welcomed her into his apartment: between the toilets which did not work and the general state of the accommodation, Cyndie was disillusioned. Not shown on screen, a few arguments broke out. During the assessment, in front of the experts, the two candidates preferred to divorce. But the process took longer than expected…

“The divorce was very long…”

Indeed, if their decision was made during the assessment shot in October / November, they only officially divorced 4 months later, reveals Cyndie. “The divorce was very long. We have. divorced at the end of February“, she explains, telling us that missing papers had slowed down the procedure. “There were no papers, so obviously it was long“, she confides. The marriage being under contract, to divorce, things are rather simple on paper. The production uses notaries to draft marriage contracts under the regime of separation of property. Singles also write wills which do not grant any inheritance to their future husband/wife in the event of death.The fact remains that the separation can pose some organizational problems and generate travel expenses which remain the responsibility of the spouses. candidates… In the past, some participants have had the bad experience of this.If the unions take place in Gibraltar, the divorces are generally settled in Paris.

Limited support time

Just as the production bears all the costs related to the wedding, it also takes care of settling the bill in the event of a divorce. Candidates can rely on production for the entire organization: “We facilitate divorces as we organize marriagesspecified Virginie Dhers, director of programs at Studio 89 Productions at Parisian. With the allocation for each candidate of a lawyer. They can also call on their own counsel. No fees are payable, within the limit of one year after the broadcast of the program.”

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