Coumba (Koh-Lanta): His stalker found dead after being unmasked, terrible announcement…

The strategies of Koh Lanta sometimes unfortunately go beyond the scope of television. Indeed, it has already happened that adventurers have been insulted, harassed, threatened with death by Internet users. The cause ? Some actions of the Robinson apprentices in the TF1 survival game did not please them … This is the case of Coumba. Its alliances and positions in Koh-Lanta, The Legend, edition released last fall, earned him hateful and even racist messages. Compared to a chimpanzee, the athlete had made the decision to file a complaint. Since, his stalker was unmasked, arrested… More than that, she announces terrible news.

This Tuesday, June 21, 2022, a few hours before the grand finale of the new season of Koh Lantabaptized The Cursed Totem, Coumba takes over his Instagram account. In story, she gives news of the Internet user who had sent her a few insulting words. “Life is often surprising… Do you remember the one who called me a chimpanzee during the broadcast of Koh-Lanta, The Legend? Well he had been arrested. And since he was on probation for similar facts, he had to take it for 18 months“, she indicates.

After his arrest, this stranger, first name Christophe but whose last name is not disclosed, “was placed in police custody for 48 hours last week“Following this, Claude’s former ally received a letter which she published on the social network.”In order to safeguard your interests, the judicial control to which this person is subject prohibits him from receiving you, from meeting you and from entering into any relationship whatsoever with you.“, we can read. If these rules are not respected, the accused risks detention on remand.

The stalker was eventually released,”awaiting his trial which was scheduled for November“.”The inspector who called me this Saturday to give me the information told me confessed everything and that he did not deny (he even added some)“, specifies Coumba. Only, the trial will not take place in the end. “The suspect died 2 days after being taken into police custody, at his home, from the heat wave. That his soul rests in peace. He was 50 years old“, reveals the adventurer. A very sad news that she announces there…

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