Cheating in Koh-Lanta: The production makes a big decision for the next shoots

In 2021, the anniversary season of Koh Lanta went down in the history of the game. But there was nothing positive about it. And for good reason, many controversies and cheating have arisen during the adventure. It was Teheiura the first who had been concerned. The emblematic candidate had confessed to having called on local fishermen to bring him food twice. He was then eliminated on the spot. Later, other adventurers were implicated in a clandestine dinner affair. Claude Dartois and Laurent Maistret were particularly targeted. A photo was even taken of the latter in the middle of a meal. Faced with the scale of the scandal, it was then decided to crown no winner. A very sad end for this edition of Legends of the game of TF1.

The producer of Koh Lanta, Alexia Laroche-Joubert has in any case had the opportunity to learn from it. Thus, there is no question of reproducing the same errors on the next shoots. “We will increase security with guards at the Council filming locationand we will always have our boats near the camps“, she assured during an interview for The Parisian (edition of June 21, 2022). Moreover, with the teams of the survival program, she made a radical decision. “I can already tell you that we will not be faced with the same problem, because we will not shoot in a French-speaking area and it will be more complicated to get in touch with natives“, she announced, wanting to be reassuring. She recognizes all the same that it is always possible to “ask for a steak in English…

Alexia Laroche-Joubert nevertheless has good hope of turning the page on this inglorious affair which was a big blow. “This story was a real disappointment for us. We also didn’t expect it to come from people who had a moral pact, both with us and with the viewers, who have loved and supported them for ages.“, she regretted.

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