“C’est facile de me taper dessus”, Gérard Lopez règle ses comptes avec Olivier Létang

Guest this Tuesday of the show Rothen ignites on RMC, the president and owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Gérard Lopez, returned to the end of his Lille adventure, widely criticized. He took the opportunity to settle accounts with his detractors including Olivier Létang, the current president of LOSC.

Gérard Lopez settles his accounts. Guest of the program “Rothen ignites” on RMC on Tuesday, the president and owner of Bordeaux spoke of the difficult financial situation in which his club, recently relegated to Ligue 2, vegetates.

While he clearly mentioned the possibility of filing for bankruptcy but confided that he believed “hard as iron” in a better future for the Girondins, the leader also took the opportunity to set the record straight with his successor at the head of LOSC, Olivier Létang, who has attacked him numerous times in the media in recent months.

“Since when do you not pay the bills you have to pay?”

In Lille, where Létang became president after the forced departure of Lopez, we have often complained about the management of the Hispano-Luxembourg businessman by railing against important slates left. The worrying situation of Royal Excel Mouscron, which also belongs to the president of the Girondins and was linked to Lopez’s LOSC by an important economic agreement, found itself in a position of bankruptcy at the end of May. And therefore admiringly relegated to the amateur division for next season.

“I have no problem saying that Olivier Létang is responsible for not having paid his bills, dropped Lopez. (…) Of course they have commissions to pay since agents have done their job and must be paid. Since when do you not pay the bills you have to pay? It’s easy to hit me. Again in Mouscron I explained, Boavista I explained, and it’s not me .”

“This year, it is one of the clubs that will be the most profitable in Europe”

Supporting example, Gérard Lopez refuted the idea of ​​an underwater LOSC financially through his fault, as his successor has repeatedly hammered. “How many players have they sold to survive since I left? None. So answer me clearly: is it a club in difficulty? (…) If you have difficulties, what to do? You sell players. This year, it is one of the clubs that will be the most profitable in Europe.”

Asked about a possible offense of dirty mouth on the part of Olivier Létang, Lopez was also particularly vindictive. “I don’t know if it’s him who is leaking all this. But if so, it’s perhaps because they were almost sure they wouldn’t have the same sporting success. And so he had to find someone to hit it. That’s all.”

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