Au revoir et merci Walter !


6 seasons, 188 games, impressive regularity and a magnificent state of mind: goodbye Walter Benitez and thank you for everything!

Having reached the end of his contract with OGC Nice, Walter Benitez is leaving the club in June. What he confirmed on Monday, on his social networks.

Sportingly, the goalkeeper has always combined talent and regularity. Trained in Quilmes, he started at the Gym as an understudy and finished as an executive, at the head of the best defense in France. In 6 seasons, he has known L1, the cups, Europe, played 188 games, was elected Aiglon Crédit Agricole in 2019 – a first at the Gym since a certain David Ospina -, multiplied successful performances, always with calm .

Arrived on tiptoe in 2016, while he was injured, Benitez embodies patience and self-sacrifice. Values ​​that he quickly transmitted to the entire locker room, taking an increasingly important place over the seasons. Values ​​which, we are sure, will allow him to take up a new challenge successfully!

Club man, family man, Walter will always be from Nice, like his wife Wanda, whom all club employees know, and like little Nereo, their son, whom everyone saw born here, under the most beautiful sun in the world. At 29, the Franco-Argentinian goalkeeper – he became French on December 9, 2021 – flies away to other horizons.

OGC Nice wishes a lot of success to the one who has been a model on and off the pitch and thanks him from the bottom of his heart.

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