Ariège: meeting Richard Gere (or almost), it’s possible in Saurat

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Installed in Saurat, in Ariège, since the first confinement, Bernard Galli does not go unnoticed. And for good reason: he looks a lot like Richard Gere.

Cross Richard Gere while going to buy his bread? In Saurat, it is quite possible (or almost)!
Bernard Galli, a former policeman from Marseille and an undeniable look-alike of American actor Richard Gere, has decided to settle there permanently. “It was a friend who made me discover Saurat and the region, explains the sixty-year-old. I quickly bought a residence in the village which initially was to be secondary. »

Spotted after the movie “American Gigolo”

For the look-alike of the successful actor, it all started in the 1980s after the release of the cult film “American gigolo”: “One of my colleagues at the time called out to me and explained to me that the main actor of this film, which was little known at the time, is very similar to me. And indeed, when I saw the poster at the cinema, I was stunned,” continues Bernard Galli.
Then comes the golden age of retirement which will allow Bernard Galli to do the same thing as his counterpart four years his senior: play comedy. The former police officer will then be quickly spotted by TF1 and the program of Christophe Dechavanne “the Best of look-alikes”, then by the Nice agency Belinda.

A “great green” retreat

It was in March 2020, during the first confinement, that the Marseillais decided to migrate to Ariège: “In Marseille, we know the names, here we only know the first names and nicknames, but there is much more proximity, confides Bernard Galli. I really fell in love with this valley and its people. I can say that I have known the big blue and that I am now caught up in the big green. »

Systematically challenged in the street, this 69-year-old heart to take regularly lends itself to the game of selfies, to the delight of the ladies.

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