Annoncé proche de Paris, Pogba fait un clin d’oeil à Marseille –

Aged 29, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba told an anecdote from his childhood where he evokes a famous OM jersey that he had bought.

In recent weeks, many rumors have sent Paul Pogba to Paris Saint-Germain, however, the French international should commit to Juventus Turin in the coming days. On the occasion of the presentation of his documentary called “Pogmentary“, the midfielder of the France team told an anecdote from his childhood with an Olympique de Marseille jersey… “I had a Marseille shirt, I absolutely wanted the Paul or Pogba flocked with the number 9. However, I bought the shirt, it was expensive for us, so the flocking even more, so I only bought the shirt and the shorts. When I got home, I asked my mom if she could make me a flock. So she sewed the “PAU” with light blue fabric but there wasn’t enough to finish everything, so she made the L with dark blue. I went to training with it, I was proud. I already felt like a professional“explains La Pioche in an interview with Konbini.

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