Ange Noiret: 5 things to know about TF1’s new weather presenter

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A new weather presenter joined TF1 this weekend. His name is Ange Noiret. He replaced Evelyne Dhéliat who was absent.

Surprise for viewers of TF1 this week-end. It was not Evelyne Dhéliat who presented the weather as expected. The reasons for the absence of the famous weather presenter have not been made public. To replace it, TF1 called on Ange Noiret who provided his first weather reports with ease, on Sunday June 19, 2022.

He presents the weather on LCI

TF1 did not look far to find a new face. She went to dig at LCI, the band’s news channel. Ange Noiret has been presenting the weather there for 1 year. He previously cut his teeth on camera on The Weather Channel, a channel specializing in non-stop weather forecasts, on the satellite, for 4 years. The regular presentation of weather reports throughout the day allowed him to be very comfortable in front of the camera.

He’s a real meteorologist

If weather presenters do not have training as a meteorologist, this is not the case for Ange Noiret. He joined the National School of Meteorology in Toulouse for two years in 2012-2013. His first job as a meteorologist he found in the army. He was an aeronautical forecaster for the Air Force in Orléans for 5 years. Before specializing in weather, he attended an engineering school: the Leonardo da Vinci engineering school in Courbevoie.

He plays the humor card

When he was on The Weather Channel, Ange Noiret did not hesitate to use the news, to stage or dress up for Halloween, the Hellfest music festival or the Paris marathon while explaining, in an offbeat tone, the weather forecast , as shown in videos on his Facebook page. In September 2021, dancers from the Moulin Rouge had burst onto the set and surrounded him for his weather report, which had somewhat destabilized him.

He falls high when he needs to

Within the morning of LCI last February, Ange Noiret did not hesitate to try cryotherapy live and to enter a cabin at – 160°C for 3 minutes live in front of the cameras. “It invigorates you and it’s impressive,” assured Ange Noiret.

He is a fan of the Atlantic coast

As her Instagram posts prove, Ange Noiret seems to appreciate the Atlantic coast for weekends or vacations. Photos show it at Teich in Gironde, in Brittany or on the island of Ré.

Could he replace Evelyne Dhéliat or Louis Bodin?

Is the recruitment of Ange Noiret for the weather forecast for Sunday June 19 a simple replacement or a test for the future? Neither TF1 nor the channel’s weather presenters spoke on the subject. Louis Bodin has officiated on TF1 since 2010, Evelyne Dhéliat since 1971. Tatania Silva, she arrived in 2017 where she succeeded Catherine Laborde.

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