Amel Bent: The very moving explanation of his stage name

Aiming for the moon did not scare Amel Bent and she was right to believe it. After a passage in New star, the singer quickly established herself as one of the sure values ​​of the French music scene. Become a coach in The Voicethe 36-year-old artist released his seventh album, alivelast October, an opus from which she recently released a new excerpt with the title Lossa. With such a career, Amel Bent therefore had its place in the red sofa of Michel Drucker who welcomed her this Sunday, June 19 in his show Can’t wait for Sunday.

His success, Amel Bent obviously owes it to his talent but perhaps to his stage name too, carefully considered. If Michel Drucker had done his own research, his guest quickly followed suit to explain his decision. His North African origins have something to do with it. She who evoked Morocco and Algeria, the two cultures in which she was raised, said that they had played a role in the choice of her stage name: “For the record, at the time of my grandparents, we did not systematically give the family name to children. They were called by saying for example “Rabia, Bashir’s daughter”. Bent means ”the daughter of” and Bachir is my grandfather’s first name.

It was therefore natural for Amel to follow the same logic: “[Ma mère] was called ‘Rabia Bent Bashir’ in the village. In the end, when they arrived in France, the ‘bent Bachir’ was kept for him and at some point it was taken away. Me, I thought it was too good to reintegrate the ‘Bent’ into my surname.“By being so called, Amel Bent therefore paid the most beautiful tribute to his mother.

Herself the mother of three children, Sofia, 6 years old, Hana, 4 years old and a little boy born in April whose first name is always kept secret, Amel Bent can only understand how difficult the role of parents is but oh how powerful. Especially for Amel Bent who now has to combine his career as a singer and his private life alone, his companion Patrick Antonelli being imprisoned since March in the remand center of Nanterre.

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