Amel Bent mom: the name of her son finally revealed? A new tattoo panics the fans

The many fans of Amel Bent know it, the singer who celebrates her 37th birthday today has got into the habit of paying tribute to her family members with tattoos. Mother of three children, she has for example the first name of her eldest daughter Sofia (6 years old) inscribed in the neck. She also has a “Mrs” (for Madame) inscribed on one of her fingers, while her companion Patrick Antonelli has had “Mr” tattooed on his side. Common inscriptions that Amel Bent had revealed on the social media several years ago.

But on the evening of Monday, June 20, 2022, it was a brand new tattoo that panicked the singer’s fans. The one who was a few days ago on Michel Drucker’s sofa for Can’t wait for Sunday (France 2) shared a new photo on her Instagram account, where 890,000 subscribers follow her. Last weekend, she was in concert in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine) for a big show organized by RFM.

Resplendent in a little blue blouse with short sleeves, her long wavy hair and her ears adorned with large hoops for a successful summer look, Amel Bent has the name “Zayn” tattooed on his forearm. A tattoo that his fans did not know him and which for some is undoubtedly the name of the third child of the coach of The Voice. “STILL HEART #bestimage @radiorfm @c8lachaine“, she captioned this photo.

The Zayn tattoo<333“, “His son is called Zayn, very pretty name“, “Amel’s baby is called Zayn I believe?“, “Welcome to Zain“, “Your son’s name is Zayn???? Ohhh so beautiful“, can we read among the many comments left by fans of Amel Bent. There are also many who wish him a very happy birthday as well. Despite the questions about the meaning of his new tattoo, the interpreter of the Song of the doves did not answer, leaving a little more room for suspense.

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