Alexia Laroche-Joubert, her truth about Sylvie Tellier and the rest of her adventure at Miss France!

On June 10, Geneviève de Fontenay gave a punchy interview to France Sunday, where she revealed that the days of Sylvie Tellier at Miss France were now numbered. She then assured, not without rejoicing: “It’s no longer a rumor: Alexia Laroche-Joubert has indeed eliminated her, I have just had confirmation”.

“Sylvie is currently working

And to add that “his dismissal therefore made him neither hot nor cold”. And for good reason, she said: “I haven’t digested what she’s done to me in the last few years at all so I’m not going to cry for her. She’s not to be pitied financially. She will have earned a lot more money than me!” This June 21, in the columns of ParisianAlexia Laroche-Joubert has just proved the lady with the hat wrong.

The producer, who was appointed president of the Miss France company to replace Nicolas Coppermann, the boss of Endemol, in October 2021, explained to our colleagues: “Sylvie is currently in office and you will see her on the prime time of the election in December”. About a possible departure of the former Miss France, she said:it was never about“.

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And while the election has reviewed its rules this year and opened up to married women, mothers, and transgender people, Alexia Laroche-Joubert clarified that this was “indications of the last phase of the competition”, ensuring that “all local committees were independent, legally and statutorily, and therefore free to adopt or not these recommendations”.

“Miss France will never be a reality show!

To conclude, the president of Adventure Line Productions assured the faithful of the beauty pageant: “It remains and will remain a beauty contest. Miss France will never be a reality TV program! There was never any question of it”. Will Madame de Fontenay be reassured? Not sure…


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