“The guy is a businessman!” : The lucrative reconversion of Félicien (Loft Story)

Him, he has restaurants all over Paris, it’s not a pizzeria he has, the guy is a businessman“, began the presenter. “He knows everything, everything, everything. You go to Levallois, he’s the godfather, he controls everything“, he then launched, before Pascal Bataille, who became one of his columnists, joked: “There is Balkany and him” and that he adds: “Balkany is even a little lower, because he has a bracelet“.

A candidate who knew how to bounce back after the loft and her short-lived musical career, therefore, by investing the sums earned thanks to her sudden notoriety and who knew how to keep her head on her shoulders, unlike a candidate like Loana, often pushed to the bottom of the system because of a psychological fragility that some have sometimes abused.

He also revealed that he had asked to leave loft story, no longer really getting along with the production. These, without cheating, had then arranged to provoke his departure: “They waited for the votes to go up and as soon as I passed the last one, they stopped, so it’s not trickery because the bailiff sees that it’s legal. But I wanted to leave, it was necessary to find a solution so that I arrived last“, he says with 20 years of hindsight on the situation. And the stratagem has often been used since: present, Benoit Dubois, former winner of Secret Story revealed that he benefited from the same thing but in reverse, to win his season.

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