Such a big sun: A character murdered to help his interpreter

This Monday, June 20, 2022 is a great day for fans ofsuch a big sun. After about three weeks of absence due to the legislative campaign, the hit series from France 2 is back tonight for exciting new intrigues. And one of them should not delight the public.

In its June 20 edition, TV Star revealed some information on the continuation of the adventures of the characters. There will be love with Ludo (played by Folco Marchi) who will fall under the spell of Jade (Shemss Audat). Victor (Bertrand Farge) will also be at the heart of a love story which should create some tension and Gary (Alban Aumard) will find happiness again after several years of celibacy. But death will also once again be at the rendezvous.

After having notably faced the death of Léa (Marthe Fieschi) who died in the fire of an escape game, viewers will have to say goodbye to another character fromsuch a big sun by the end of summer. A person who has been part of the fiction for two years. If his name is not revealed, our colleagues explain that it is Alex Levy (Benjamin Bourgeois) who will be in charge of this investigation which “will have many twists and turns“and that Elisabeth Bastide (Chrystelle Labaude) will be very affected by this disappearance.

Asked by TV Star Olivier Szulzynger, screenwriter of the soap opera, revealed why it was this character who was chosen to bow out: “When we knew that this character had to leave quickly at the request of his interpreter, we had to rethink the scheme. It challenges us, because we think about how our artistic choices influence the shoot. Imagine if we abolished the hospital, the number of actors who would no longer work! In the case that concerned us, we thought of an assassination because it allowed us to reshuffle the cards and bring great emotions to those who gravitate around.

Confidences that should make the mouths of viewers water.

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