Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas lynched after the abortion… they come out of the silence

Those last weeks, Shanna Kress and her lover Jonathan Matijas experienced a real emotional lift. The pretty brunette is pregnant with twins. A real happiness that turns into a nightmare for future parents. Indeed, the couple learned that one of the babies has trisomy 21 and thus made the decision to “stop his heart“. A painful moment shared on video on YouTube Friday, June 17, 2022 and which earned Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas many criticisms. Since then, the former reality TV candidate seen in The people of Marseilles or Angels Take the speech.

Sunday June 19, 2022, two days after sharing heartbreaking images of her stay in the hospital, Shanna Kress responds to the attacks. She takes hold of her Instagram account and shares a text in story. “For all the people sending us negative or mean messages because we’re trying to get a life back, sorry to disappoint you but we have to move onshe lets go. This does not prevent us from always thinking about everything we have experienced.And to add:So yes I’m back to music, yes we’re going to travel, yes we’re going to smile. Yes Christopher will always be in our hearts and believe me I think about him every day because he is with us !“A necessary clarification in view of the hateful messages of some who reproach them for resuming the course of their lives after the departure of the baby.

Remember that this moment was one of the most painful of their lives. On YouTube, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas shared their pain: “They’re going to put oxygen in my nose, drips, I have cables everywhere… It’s not great. There, it’s time T. I won’t hide from you that it’s very hard for both of you, but luckily we’re together. It’s really not easy. Then we are left in a room to be able to cry, empty our bag for about two hours. It’s really very very hard.“In the process, they had indicated that the baby left was a boy and that his name is Christopher, the middle name of the dad. A nice sign for them who ensure to keep this child forever in their hearts.

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