Meghan Markle targeted by an investigation for abuse: it’s heating up for the Duchess!

This is not going to help Meghan Markle’s business on the side of Great Britain! Already a controversial figure in the royal family since the famous megxit, which had seen Prince Harry leave his princely functions, Meghan Markle sees a dark case of abuse against his staff falling on him.

This is very bad timing, only a few days after the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the image of the royal family risks being weighed down by the supposedly inappropriate behavior of the Duchess of Sussex on the staff made available to her. We are talking here in particular about acts of insult, humiliation and intimidation, reports The Sunday Times. One assistant said, “Ihas emotional cruelty and manipulation, which could also be called bullying” to which the Duchess would have resorted.

But the case does not stop there, since it is also all Buckingham Palace which is implicated and which is accused of having covered up this affair. Indeed, the queen would have, as a first step, ordered an investigation aimed at looking into the cases of ill-treatment of the staff. The problem is that the investigation would have yielded nothing after collecting only four or five testimonies. However, the number of employees working for Meghan Markle and Harry is estimated at 25, or around twenty potential forgotten witnesses… It was enough to start questioning the sincerity of the investigation carried out by the Royal family. Wouldn’t it be in her interest to hush up the affair? Just as many questions posed by the revelations of our colleagues at Sunday Times.

Buckingham Palace has still not commented on the situation, while the mother of Lilibet and Archie formally denied. This is not the first time she may have been the target of disfavor treatment within the British royal family. She had notably mentioned the racism of the crown of which she had been the victim.

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