Matt Pokora poses with his two sleeping sons in his arms for Father’s Day

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Matt Pokora posted a photo with his two sons in his arms, on Instagram. A beautiful black and white shot with a very nice message.

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Matt Pokora lived a dense year 2021. While he was gone on his rounds Pyramid in the Zeniths, finally canceled because of the pandemic, it became a dad for the second time, in addition to turning to the theater. Yes, because Christina Milian’s companion has more than one trick up her sleeve. It will be a year since he took his first steps as an actor, in the play The great ambitions, a comedy in which Philippe Lellouche and Estelle Lefébure also play. Also the father of little Isaiah, born on January 20, 2020, Matt Pokora is a fulfilled man, as he confided in Do not touch My TV on December 8, 2021.

A father who wants to instill values ​​in his boys

Among other things, he explained how important it was to him to raise his boys with the idea that for some people, “It’s not easy every day”. And to add:You will surely be privileged because your parents have the chance to do a pretty cool job. The goal is to raise him as I was raised, to rub shoulders with all kinds of people. And then the sports school, I think it will be important for him. I want him to play sports just to know that you have to earn your place. It’s not stealing your boyfriend’s place, it’s earning yours. All these values ​​that I learned while playing sports. I will raise it in these values ​​and open it to the world, between France and the United States”, described the interpreter of planets.

A thought for the “single mothers who take on both roles”

A role close to his heart, and to which he returned, Sunday June 18, the day of the fathers Day. On Instagram, Matthieu Tota, his real name, posted a black and white photo of him carrying his sons in his arms (one in each arm!). In the caption to the post, he wrote: “This role and no other…Happy Father’s Day. To mine, yours, and single moms who take on both roles.” Little Kenna, seems sound asleep in the arms of his famous daddy. In comments to the publication, Internet users praised the beauty of the shot, and the love that emanates from it.

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