le futur projet transposé à un autre club français historique ?

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: descent, sweeping, the false good ideas circulating

While some upscale clubs in the French championship are in the midst of discussions for a takeover (OL, ASSE, OM), others are less publicized but are advancing their pawns more quickly. This is how Le Havre is restructuring for next season.

According to Paris Normandie, its organization chart will be as follows: President: Jean Michel Roussier. – Director of sports operations: Mathieu Bodmer. – Recruitment: Mohamed El Kharraze. – Coach: Luka Elsner. – Game Analyst: Julien Momont.

If this moult was in the pipeline, Mohamed Toubache-Ter added a precision that could frustrate ASSE supporters even more. “Now that it’s announced… the whole project that was intended for ASSE is moving to Normandy… to Le Havre,” he tweeted recently. It lacked a lot of elegance, about Paul Le Guen. The latter will undoubtedly find his seat as a consultant at L’Équipe du Soir. »

to summarize

While the takeover of ASSE still makes the supporters of the Forézien club languish, we learn this Monday that Le Havre has begun a profound transformation of its structures … intended for the Greens. With Mathieu Bodmer in the first place.

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