Laeticia Hallyday reveals a rare family photo with Laura Smet… an outstretched hand?

It was time for appeasement this Sunday on the occasion of Father’s Day. Laeticia Hallyday has put her tense relationship with Laura Smet on hold, to share a photo of her late husband, Johnny, with his three daughters. A gesture that could well be the symbol of an attempt at reconciliation between the two women, who have been in conflict for many years.

Five years after the death of Johnny Hallyday, his ex-girlfriend, now recasée with the French actor Jalil Lespert, has not forgotten the one who shared his life for 23 years. After celebrating what would have been the singer’s 79th birthdayLight the fire a little earlier in this month of June, Laetitia this time wanted to show the image of a united family this Sunday to honor the memory of Johnny. Indeed, despite the tensions in the Smet-Hallyday clan, the former model shared an old snapshot of the singer with his three daughters. We thus discovered the father of the family all smiles with his two daughters adopted with Laeticia, Joy and Jade, still very young in his arms and those Laura, the first daughter he had with Nathalie Baye in 1983. The occasion also for the ex-companion to deliver a sublime message in tribute to the star.

Happy Father’s Day to the best of fathers! We celebrate you every day. I know you are not far away and that I will keep you in my heart forever. You are loved, missed more than I could ever say and write. Happy Fathers Day. we love you so much“had written the one named”the shadow managerfrom Johnny.

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