JoeyStarr very happy to find his ex Karine Le Marchand: the rapper dares a very telling gesture

The day was full of twists and turns for Karine Le Marchand. The host has apparently decided to start his summer vacation with a trip to the south of France with his friends, including Stéphane Plaza. It is precisely with the real estate agent that she was to leave Paris on the morning of this Monday, June 20, 2022, but the latter made her fail in spite of himself. Indeed, Karine Le Marchand found herself taking the plane alone because of the delay of her accomplice.

In story Instagram, she shared their last exchanges by SMS before the device flew away. And it’s an understatement to say that she was back. “Are you on your way?“, she asked him a few minutes before takeoff, when she was already installed. Stéphane Plaza, who was struggling to find the boarding gate, thought he still had time ahead of him and for good reason he had wrong schedule. As a result, he had to take the next plane, an hour later.”I’m going to kill him. That’s my life with Stéphane Plaza, the world must know my ordeal“, she blurted. “Well, here I am at the airport, I ran, I missed the plane. It is kind of a shame. So I’m early for the next plane and Karine will have to wait 1 hour in Nice. That’s it, Karine, I’m sorry“, he said on his account.

Finally, the duo ended up in Nice where they intend to have a good time. Always in story Instagram, Karine Le Marchand indicated sharing a lunch in the sun with her sidekick. And surprise, JoeyStarr joined them. “The beauty that says hello to beauty!“, exclaimed the host, filming him greeting Stéphane Plaza. She then turned to the rapper and comedian with whom she was in a relationship to ask him how he was. And the latter was apparently very happy to see her again since he made a gesture that seems to recall cunnilingus (see our slideshow).

The pictures show that the two exes are still very good friends. Because as a reminder, they dated for a few months in 2018 and, in June of that year, it was she who confirmed their breakup on Instagram.

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