Jennifer and Eddy (Married at first sight) still married after the balance sheet? A big spoiler revealed

Eddie (37 years old, in charge of event activities in Lille) and jennifer (31-year-old hair salon manager), were 81% compatible. But nothing happened as the candidate hoped. If they had chosen to stay married during the assessment in front of the experts, what about six months later?

Indeed, during the episode of Married at first sight 2022 broadcast this Monday, June 20, on M6, viewers will discover that Jennifer and Eddy have made the decision to stay married, despite their rocky relationship. Information unveiled in preview by the magazine Entertainment TV of the day. But their union was short-lived. If she had promised to do everything to make their marriage work, the great friend of the mother of Iris Mittenaere would not have succeeded in overcoming her blockages, to the greatest misfortune of Eddy. A few months after the shooting of the show What have they become ?last January, they made the choice to divorce, still according to information from our colleagues.

Recall that because of her painful past love affairs, Jennifer had trouble trusting men. She had a big blockage and therefore needed time to adapt before being tactile with one of her companions. She was still confident about this experience. But very quickly, the Lille woman realized that it would not be so simple. Never throughout her adventure did she sleep with her husband, or even kiss him. And during the last episodes, Eddy regretted that after their honeymoon, his wife never invited him to her house. Despite everything, he did everything not to rush her, for fear that she would run away. Unfortunately, their idyll ended all the same.

Jennifer also has the right, since the start of the broadcast of Married at first sight 2022, has many reviews on social networks. “A fat bitch who doesn’t care about guys and passes it on to her past“, he had been sent in particular. A violent attack to which the mother of the family had wished to respond: “And there is this kind of frustration from time to time. I feel so sorry for this person. (…) I’m not here to make myself loved by everyone, anyone would like it.

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