Jamel Debbouze and Mélissa Theuriau, a radiant and united couple in the Marrakech of laughter!

Laughter and tears for this incredible birthday. For those incredible birthdays, rather. On June 18, 2022, the comedy festival Le Marrakech du rire effectively celebrated its 10th edition, after a three-year absence, with a grand gala. That same day, the event’s conductor, Jamel Debbouze, celebrated his 47th birthday. A nice coincidence for the actor who was, that evening, particularly well surrounded.

Behind the scenes, Jamel Debbouze was obviously seen with Mélissa Theuriau, mother of his children Léon and Lila, the woman of his life whom he married in 2008. Above all, he went on stage with the many and many guests, who came to rub shoulders with the difficult, rigorous public of Marrakech, made up of 3,500 spectators. So came to interpret their sketches, on the boards of the Baddi palace, Ahmed Sylla, Kev Adams, pregnant Camille Lellouche, Caroline Vigneau, Jarry, Wali Dia, Paul Mirabel, Michaël Youn… around twenty artists in all, including the pranks were picked up by the 6th channel.

It does something!

Jamel Debbouze was greeted that evening by a delirious crowd singing “Happy Birthday“. The most beautiful of contexts to rediscover the joys of the stage: “This scene still incredible, there are these ten years behind me, all my history, my family, my friends, it does something“, he confided a little earlier to the daily The Parisian. Comedian and master of ceremonies of the Marrakech du rire, alias the MDR, Jamel has found all the people he loves. In addition to her sweet companion Mélissa Theuriau and her many friends, her mother was present in the front rows to film the show with her phone. In the stands, the sharpest retinas also spotted Ethan Mbappé, the brother of the famous footballer, star of the France team. And for good reason, the latter was present at the Baddi Palace, a kind of gift for the festival, for its organizer and for all the spectators who came to watch the program…

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