Hellfest: “We remarried here with my wife”… Aldebert, children’s singer and big metal fan

Chef Philippe Etchebest couldn’t stop taking selfies at Hellfest on Friday June 17. This excellent drummer even had the honor the day before of inaugurating the festival with his rock band. Like him, the festival welcomes more and more celebrities who are hard rock fans and attracted by this increasingly trendy event. We are expecting comedian and comedian Michaël Youn next weekend and we will meet the writer Maxime Chattam and Aldebert, “the children’s favorite singer”…

Not only has the author of the four “Enfantillages” loved metal since college, but he has been coming to Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) since 2015. While waiting to take his young children there next year, he is taking advantage of this 15th edition to shoot with a director friend the pilot of a documentary on “The children of Hellfest”, which he will propose to Arte.

“Everything here reminds me of my childhood”

“We are going to tell through three families and artists the family bond that unites this music and this unique festival in the world. We remarried here with my wife, who even dove into the crowd in front of the big stage. Seeing her on the giant screen with Slash, from Guns N’Roses, was very moving. »

This 48-year-old artist, who has already invited the guitarist of Trust and the group of furious Dagoba to his “Enfantillages”, would love to record a metal album of “Enfantillages” signed Helldebert and make it a family concert one morning at Hellfest.

“Everything here reminds me of my childhood,” he says. In front of the group Megadeth, which I listened to while making models, I smell the smell of model glue. It is one of the last strongholds where we have a feeling of total freedom but also of great benevolence between people. The nickname “Disneyland of metal” sometimes ironically given to the festival? “But it’s true, the sets, the staging, the people in disguise, everything is wonderful here,” he replies. It’s a constantly waking dream. »

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