François (Koh-Lanta) qualified by cheating? His firm response to Internet users who challenge him

A new edition of Koh Lanta tainted by cheating? After the scandals of last year, the production wanted to avoid it at all costs! But despite the candidates being much more controlled, the members of the production revealed a few days ago that some had tried to steal several objects and had been caught red-handed. And an image of the orienteering race last week seems to have proved them right: we saw François, the charismatic firefighter, coming back to Denis Brogniart with a beacon in hand… when he should never have been there. to touch.

Indeed, the candidates are well warned: the beacons, which then allow them to find the long-awaited daggers, must be replaced at the exact place where the adventurers find them. François, qualified for the posts, should therefore not have had it in hand at the end of the test and ignited doubt among viewers, who saw in him the potential thief evoked by the production.

But this one did not let it go, in story on Instagram he replied to Internet users in a very clear way: “The answer is very simple: when I found the dagger, I announced to Ambre and Bastien that it was over, and we went together to the location of the beacon so that I could show them where it was. From there I brought her back but the game was over“, he explained simply.

It is true that the firefighter, still indicted for manslaughter, had just found the last qualifying dagger and did not risk disrupting the game by taking the beacon with him. At the end of his strength, the one who lost more than 20 kilos in 40 days had collapsed in front of Denis Brogniart and his comrades who will accompany him on the posts, Jean-Charles and Géraldine, qualified surprises for the final.

Sports candidate and strategist, François was one of the headliners of this edition of Koh Lanta, sometimes annoying Internet users who are often impressed by his sporting abilities. On track to win this edition, he would become the first male winner of Koh Lanta since André in 2017: since then, Maud, Alexandra, Maxine, Clémence and Naoil have won everything in their path.

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