Florent Pagny: Reunion and words of love from his children Aël and Inca for Father’s Day

Florent Pagny has many reasons to be happy. A month ago, Nour, his latest talent in The Voicewon the 2022 edition. A little earlier, the interpreter of Know how to love revealed that the chemotherapy protocol he followed after his lung cancer diagnosis had worked well. Never two without three. This Sunday, June 19, Florent Pagny had the joy of finding his son Inca, 26, for Father’s Day. As revealed by the stories of the young man published on social networks (see slideshow), father and son went on a motorcycle trip, perched on large cars that the singer loves so much before taking place in an old-fashioned car. Florent Pagny did not hide his joy of living such a moment after knowing his life was on borrowed time.

His daughter Aël also thought well of her dad. The young woman did not fail to send sweet words to Florent Pagny, in particular by revealing pictures of them several years ago. We discover the little girl dressed in a tutu dancing with her dad, her little feet resting on those of the singer. A “I like you“accompanied by a red heart completes the shot.

Florent Pagny therefore has everything to be happy, he who thought perhaps that he would no longer have the opportunity to share Father’s Day with his children born from his marriage to Azucena. Last January, he spoke on Instagram to reveal that he had lung cancer, a tumor quickly taken care of by a chemotherapy protocol. After several weeks of treatment, the 60-year-old singer appeared with his head and goatee shaved, to counter the side effects of the treatment.

Last May, after several months of medical monitoring and chemotherapy sessions, Florent Pagny confirmed the end of his treatment and remained very optimistic about the results: “I did not impose a Netflix series on you about my treatment and my story. But now that she is almost behind me, since I only have one chemo left, I can tell you that I am doing very well. The protocol worked rather well since from the first two chemos, the immunotherapy – my tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a nut -, so we immediately kicked things off with radiotherapy and chemos more intensive.“Good news that could only delight his fans.

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