Flavie Flament, “a couple breaker”: the clear opinion of one of Benjamin Castaldi’s sons

At only 52 years old, Benjamin Castaldi has been married four times. An impressive figure which is often the target of ridicule in Do not touch My TV. On the other hand, his love life has not always made his children laugh. The columnist even took time to establish a complicit relationship with them, acknowledging that he had been an absent father. His elders from his very first marriage with Valérie Sapienza, whom he had met in college, Julien (25) and Simon (21) particularly suffered from the divorce of their parents.

I was seven months old. I have no memories, but as a baby I absorbed all the misfortune of my mother, of all that she suffered“, told the youngest, Simon, to Jordan De Luxe for At Jordan’s. For Adixia’s companion, it is clear that his mother was the victim of his separation from Benjamin Castaldi, who had left for another. “She was thirty years old, she was married, she had two children… You get dumped overnight, without any real explanation, and you realize he’s with Flavie Flament“, finally quoted Simon Castaldi. To make matters worse, the media had taken hold of this very attractive new idyll. “It was the boom of the time, it was titled everywhere“.

It’s just my old mother-in-law

Benjamin Castaldi and Flavie Flament ended up getting married on . But two years later, it is already the break because of the infidelities of the accomplice of Cyril Hanouna. The couple officially divorced in . However, it was necessary to continue to form a family for the good of the young Enzo. What Simon Castaldi managed to do, without however having the need to maintain good ties with Flavie Flament. “I am very close to my little brother Enzo. We are four years apart. So sometimes I went to see him at her house“, he explained. And to add in all transparency: “I don’t call her every four mornings and I see her very little. The reports suck, there is nothing. She’s not my mom anyway, she’s just my old stepmom“.

Simon Castaldi continues by admitting that he does not have a great love for his father’s ex, of whom he has bad memories. “Deep inside me, I will always have the image of a couple breaker. I have the image of the woman for whom my father left my mother. There is always this little trauma, even if I have no problem with Flavie and I wish her all the happiness in the world“. The reality TV candidate ends up softening when talking about his mother, Valérie Sapienza, “a strong woman” who “rebuilt her life with a man a long time ago“.

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