Eddy and Jennifer (Married at first sight) remain married but… big upheaval since filming

The situation between Eddie (37 years old, in charge of event activities in Lille) and Jennifer (31-year-old hair salon manager), 81% compatible, was peculiar. Because of her painful romantic past, the Lille woman finds it difficult to trust men. She was therefore very distant with her husband until the honeymoon where she was a little touchy. But they have never slept together or even exchanged a kiss. What disconcert the candidate.

During the episode of Married at first sight 2022 of June 20, Eddy was hoping that Jennifer would invite him home after a bowling session during which they had a lot of fun. But once again, he just got a kiss and a goodbye. “At some point, I couldn’t go on like this. This ain’t the married life I dream of“, he underlined. For her part, Jennifer was aware that she had to unlock herself to move forward.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, Eddy asked Pascal de Sutter to coach them. The expert offered them an exercise of tantric inspiration to “connect to a form of bodily intimacy“. Despite her fear, she played the game and she promised to do everything to make it work between them. Pascal de Sutter was convinced that if they kept up the momentum, they could finally move on.

Jennifer’s attitude still problematic

But Jennifer’s attitude once again called everything into question afterwards. The young woman has given no further news. “I am angry and frankly disgusted“, launched Eddy who was still asking himself a lot of questions when he found her in front of the experts. Before revealing their decision, they discovered the images of their marriage. Then they mentioned the distance between them.I didn’t expect myself to react like that.“, confessed the candidate.

It was an opportunity for her husband to speak to her of his sadness at his silence over the past few days. “It’s not against him. There are times when it’s not right, when I’m silent“, she justified herself. A behavior that the experts reproached her for. Estelle Dossin advised her to play down the situation and forget her fear of letting go. Jennifer then confided that every moment spent with her husband was a pleasure and that he “inspires confidence“. It is for this reason that she wishes to remain married to Eddy.. The latter also wanted to continue their romance because she promised to give them more time. Are they still together six months later? Unfortunately not as revealed Entertainment TV in preview, in its edition of June 20. Jennifer would not have succeeded in overcoming her blocks, so they would have divorced.

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