Cyndie (Married at first sight) in a relationship with Frédérick? The development of the candidate

Cyndie would have succumbed to the charm of Frédérick, another candidate of the show Married at first sight ? Jauffrey’s companion decided to make things clear on her Instagram account.

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The end is fast approaching. For several weeks, viewers have been following the romance between Pauline and Damien, Eddy and Jennifer or even Cyndie and Jauffrey in Married at first sight. All of these singles have decided to turn to experts and science to find their ideal partner. If some of them seem to have found themselves like Alicia and Bruno, for others, life as a couple has been much more complicated. Axel and Caroline have thus decided to divorce even before the end of their honeymoon. A few weeks before the end of the adventure, it’s time to take stock and the candidates had the opportunity to meet for the last filming. A beautiful meeting which also had the right to its share of rumors.

Married at first sight : Cyndie makes an update on her relationship with Frédérick

All the contestants of season 6 of Married at first sight seem to get along well and several Internet users are surprised to see some very close bride and groom like Cyndie and Frédérick. The two candidates also invite themselves during their lives on Instagram, enough to accentuate the rumors. Are they a couple today, the filming of the M6 ​​show having ended more than six months ago? Cyndie decided to put an end to this false information on her Instagram account: There’s been bad rumors between Fred and me, he’s just a friend. For the moment, viewers still do not know if the young woman is single or if she has decided to stay married to Jauffrey.

Frédérick had also made things clear: “Respect my marriage”

A few days earlier, it was Frédérick who decided to speak on his Instagram account. “There is nothing with Cyndie, I want to say for everyone’s sake, respect Cyndie’s couple but also respect my couple too. I deny, there is no affair with Cyndie”, he explained in a video. We will have to wait for the very last balance sheet of Married at first sightscheduled for June 27 (already available on the Salto platform) to know the final outcome of all these love stories.

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