Catherine Matausch sick and absent from the antenna: she reveals to suffer from cancer

Catherine Matausch has always played the card of discretion despite his very public profession. Since 1987, she has presented 19/20 on weekends on France 3, thus becoming a popular figure in the PAF. His absence between March and last May therefore inevitably attracted attention. At that time, the journalist had not spoken on the subject but, during an interview for the new issue of TV Major Channels published on June 20, 2022, Catherine Matausch has agreed to reveal that she has been facing health problems.

Life has been complicated for a year and a half. I chained several sick leaves because, among other things, of lung cancer“, she confided. And to reassure: “I’m doing well. I’m better“. With her speech, Catherine Matausch hopes to raise awareness about this scourge, as the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut did before her.”It’s good to talk about it, as he did. I am talking about it here for the first time. In my case, fortunately, the disease is not at the same stage and has been treated in time“, she clarified.

Besides her weakened health, the 62-year-old presenter was struck by the death, that of her mum, in 2021.”I also had to deal with his death. I went through moments of great loneliness. A still life. It was not fun for me, who needs nature and wanderings…“, she recalled.

During this interview, she also subtly slips into being separated from her husband and father of her children, two daughters now aged 32 and 30, a few years ago. “LCI had offered me an info section. A nice offer. I had even signed the contract. It didn’t happen in the end: I was in the middle of a divorce, it was complicated. I chose my children and stability“, she explained. Today, Catherine Matausch ensures “draw new strength from these trials“. She has also resumed her duties and announces that he “is expected to continue” to present the JT of France 3 at the start of the school year.

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