Carole Richert (Camping Paradis) widow of Daniel Rialet: what their children inherited from him

It is an intolerable tragedy for the actress, who goes through the years with the weight of mourning on her shoulders. Featured in the series Camping Paradisewith Laurent Ournac on Monday June 20, 2022, Carole Richert also plays Marie-France in Clem since 2010, filmed in an episode of season 7 of Cassandra for France 3 and is currently working on a theater project. But she may be overworked, but she doesn’t forget: she lost love in 2006 when her husband, actor Daniel Rialet, died of a heart attack at the age of 46. .

Their father was never in a bad mood

Carole Richert married Daniel Rialet in June 2003 and had two children with him. Today, Pauline and Vincent are 26 and 22 years old and he reminds her, every day, of her deceased companion. “I taught them to be closer to what they are. Their life should not look like the ones we see on social networks. This funny virtual double lifeshe explains in the columns of Pocket TV. Daniel always spoke with great simplicity. They inherited his qualities: their father was never in a bad mood. He had a certain naivety, he managed to see poetry everywhere…

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