Ça passe pour Léon Marchand, Charlotte Bonnet et Damien Joly aux Mondiaux de Budapest

It’s never easy to come back to earth after touching the stars. Léon Marchand, new world champion in the 400m medley, plunged again on Monday morning. The Toulousain qualified for the 200m butterfly semi-finals with the 11th fastest time (1’56”38) in the 200m butterfly series.

The race is not crazy. I think the strategy is not crazy, I have trouble in the end, admits the protege of Bob Bowman. JI think I’m not fluid enough in the first 100m, so it’s a little tight in the last 50, I’m not relaxed enough. We’ll settle this. But hey, I’m qualified for tonight (at 7:35 p.m.), I’m going to have to do my best time to get to the final. »

He did not hide that he had to digest the title and its fallout: “ It was quite hard because the last two nights I didn’t sleep very well. I was still thinking about my title, so I’m still happy to be in the semi-finals this morning. I will continue to recover for tonight and hope to be better.»

Final objective for Bonnet

For Charlotte Bonnet, it was rather a dive into the unknown. Now trained by Philippe Lucas, she was a little apprehensive about this entry into the competition with a different preparation. The European champion signed the 10th time (1’58”14) in the 200m freestyle series and awaits the semi-finals this Monday evening at 7:15 p.m.

It’s just a bit difficult to enter the competition, directly by the 200, usually I always have a relay to get my legs. It’s always a little weird. I try to take it step by step. The first is over, we’re moving on to the secondshe summarizes. There, you have to recover well, debrief well with Philippe and see what happens. It’s new for me to arrive in sharpening with Philippe, to see how it goes. It’s never easy after all these changes, but it’s going well. I had a different sharpening and a different preparation. I feel fit but there are a lot of things around. I’m not aiming for a particular time, I’m trying to go step by step. The goal is to get to the final and the final, anything is possible. »

“With Philippe (Lucas), we did a very good job. There is no need to think, you have to go head down »

Damien Joly, qualified for the 800m final

The great French surprise of the day came from the qualification of Damien Joly for the 800m final which will be played on Tuesday evening (6:02 p.m.). The pupil of Philippe Lucas broke his personal best and set the 8th fastest time in the series in 7’47”46.

It was hot. It’s great to start these world championships. On the sprint for me (laughs, 1500m specialist). JI’m happy, it’s ok. tomorrow (tuesday), we are going to enjoy this beautiful final where there is level. I feel great in training. I did an internship with Detti (Gabriella) who will be in the final, I saw his level and my level, I don’t find myself ridiculous. With Philip (Lucas), we did a very good job. There is no need to think, you have to go head down. »


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