Bixente Lizarazu brings together three generations: rare photo with his father and his attractive son

The family is something sacred for Bixente Lizarazu and for Father’s Day, he wanted to mark the occasion. The former world champion has perfectly succeeded in his conversion after a brilliant career as a footballer. Today commentator of the matches of the Blues on TF1 with his sidekick Grégoire Margotton, the handsome 52-year-old is one of the figures of the show Telefoot, broadcast every Sunday. If he perfectly knew how to lead his boat professionally, this is also the case in his private life. In a relationship for more than 15 years with the sublime Claire Keim, he had the happiness of having two children, Tximista and Uhaina.

Also very close to his brother Peyo, with whom he shares a passion for surfing, Bixente Lizarazu is a golden dad. Settled in New York for several years now, his son Tximista seems to have flourished on the other side of the Atlantic. Returning to France for the holidays, he took the opportunity to find his father for a great moment together, as the former footballer showed on his Instagram account. Very active on the platform where he has more than 230,000 subscribers, Zinedine Zidane’s great friend has not forgotten yesterday and the very special event that accompanied it.

Diving day for three

For Father’s Day, Bixente Lizarazu posted a great photo that should please his many fans. “From father to son”he writes on a photo where you can see his father Pierre Lizarazu as well as his son Tximista, during a beautiful day at sea. A sports fan, the judo pro took his father and son to a day of scuba diving, the opportunity to see the three generations reunited in a photo that will make history. Obviously, this meeting for Father’s Day has pleased the subscribers of the former footballer since the messages are all very benevolent and most are delighted to see the three men together.

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