Barbara Opsomer mom: she finally reveals the face of her son’s father!

At the start of 2021, Barbara Opsomer created the surprise by announcing to expect her first child, and to be already in her seventh month of pregnancy. It was the following May that the former reality TV candidate, revealed in Secret Story in 2017, hosted a little boy, named Gabriel. Barbara Opsomer has since her arrival been filled with happiness, despite some hardships along the way. The 32-year-old brunette notably went through some turbulence with her son’s dad. Indeed, during her pregnancy, she had separated from this mysterious man. And then, finally, after Gabriel was born, she hinted that they had given each other another chance by posting an amazing first family portrait where her companion’s face was replaced by a filter. In any case, we have to believe that love is still in good shape and that Gabriel’s father has settled with him and Barbara in Marrakech, Morocco.

On Instagram, the young woman could not resist the urge to present it to her community on the occasion of Father’s Day. She therefore posted a series of photos of him tenderly caring for their child. He “Happy Birthday Dad“, she writes soberly in the caption, accompanying it with a red heart. On the other hand, she was careful not to lift the veil on her identity.

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