Anne-Sophie Lapix: Rare and adorable photos of her son Esteban, her 20-year-old “sun”!

Married to the influential advertising Arthur Sadoun for nearly twelve years, Anne-Sophie Lapix (50) had two children from a previous relationship. Esteban is therefore the first of the two boys of the host of the 8 p.m. newspaper, the second was born in 2006.

It was in 2015 that the journalist native of Saint-Jean-de-Luz had approached her children, in an interview for Tele-Leisure : “I see them one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. I refused offers, such as a morning interview, to maintain this link with them. My children come first. I was raised by my mother and I try to offer them the same. (…) I raise them with only one method: blackmail! Only that works. My sons, the eldest of whom is a teenager, are not very well behaved, but they respect my authority. That’s not bad ! I am quite firm, but we joke a lot, self-mockery is essential, it saves everything.“In view of the photos, she raised a young man with a devastating smile, we imagine that the second is just as radiant, like their famous mother!

Her son’s birthday marks a happy moment in the life of Anne-Sophie Lapix, whose year 2022 was not lacking in intensity on a professional level with the presidential elections in particular. During this period, it experienced difficulties due to virulent criticism, particularly from the camp of Marine Le Pen, the National Rally. The far-right movement had clearly expressed its refusal to see her lead the debate between the two rounds. It was finally led by his colleague Léa Salamé and the figure of TF1 Gilles Bouleau.

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