Anne Akrich, desire is master – Liberation

The portrait

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The novelist, who talks about sex and femininity with humor, hides a part of melancholy under her freedom of tone.

“Oops, sorry, I didn’t see it was your anus, wait, it doesn’t fit, I’m going to force a little, oops, what, ouch? No, not at all, relax, don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.” What does the author of this very accurate and comical passage of an essay entitled women’s sex and subtitled Fragments of a warlike speech. She seems neither angry nor belligerent when she opens the door of her bright apartment on the top floor of a building in the tenth arrondissement of Paris. She is poised and serious, right down to the timbre of her voice. Tall, very chic, she is dressed in black. There is concern and hesitation in his smile. Her beauty is obvious, moreover she writes that too: “I am beautiful. I’m not pretty or cute, I’m stunning.” We must dare, even if there is humor in this observation. Anne Akrich and her husband, publisher Olivier Nora, owner of Grasset editions, moved into this dream place three weeks ago. Twenty-six years separate them. Their son is 4 years old. Anne Akrich: “We are such a cliché, with my husband: I write, he is an editor. I was 28 when I met him. He found our age difference prohibitive, but I was very persuasive. The position of the old editor with the young author was too ridiculous in his eyes. I think I remain a subject


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