Andréa Furet, first trans candidate, elected first runner-up to Miss Paris 2022

The election of Miss Paris 2022 took place this Sunday at the Lido, crowning Océane Bobèche. Andréa Furet, the first trans candidate, placed second.

She was not elected, but marked the history of Miss. Andréa Furet, the first trans candidate to appear in the Miss Paris competition, finished second on Sunday at the Lido, becoming the first runner-up. This is where the election took place, before the final closure of the establishment.

“Being first runner-up is crazy. It proves that people are ready for change, are ready for inclusiveness and living together, it’s very nice. This title is really synonymous with victory,” he said. she declared to TF1info.

“Rejected, misunderstood, sometimes harassed”

Narrowly missing the top of the podium, Andréa Furet, a young 20-year-old actress, declared herself to the jury and the public “extremely proud and touched to be the first transgender woman to inscribe her name in the history of Miss “.

“Even today, in 2022, many young people are unfortunately rejected, misunderstood, sometimes harassed, simply because they try to be themselves. I think this title could be a nice way to show them that we can be who you really are and be successful in any field”.

It was Océane Bobèche, 25, who was named Miss Paris 2022. The one who was second runner-up to Diane Leyrethe current Miss France, is now in the running for Miss Île de France, which will take place next October.

“Has been” contest

The new president of the Miss France society, Alexia Laroche Joubert, opened the door last year to the participation of transgender candidates: “There is no problem. No worries”, she had indicated at the microphone of Sud Radio.

The Miss France competition is modernizing and softening its rules, concerning transidentity, age and civil status of candidates. In Alsace, one of the candidates, a 27-year-old dental assistant, is thus married and the mother of a little girl. In October 2021, the Minister Delegate for Gender Equality Élisabeth Moreno considered that the rules governing the Miss France competition were “has been” and wished that “they would change”.

“Why can’t a Miss France be ironic? Why can’t a Miss France candidate who poses topless to fight breast cancer be excluded? Why can’t a Miss France not be a mom?”, she wondered in the political program Facing the territoriess.

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