a remark by Florie Galli does not pass to Internet users

This Monday, June 20, a remark by Florie Galli in “Large Families” did not pass to Internet users. TF1 screen capture

This Monday, June 20, a new episode of “Large Families” was broadcast on TF1. It was time for the Galli Christmas list, but a remark from the stay-at-home mother offended Internet users.

After a busy weekend for the French, between Father’s Day and the second round of the legislative elections, they have resumed their habits for the week. And this Monday, June 20, a new episode of “Large Families” was broadcast on TF1. Viewers have thus found the most famous XXL tribes of the small screen. During this new 30-minute episode, fans of the show were immersed in the daily life of the Pavoni family, when the father of the family had to manage his 5 children alone while his wife was in the maternity ward. Agnès Pavoni gave birth to their first baby girl. As they could see, Romain Pavoni was completely overwhelmed. The father also praised the courage of the housewives.

Discover a candidate for Large Families who is pregnant and worried about her baby:

“Large Families” followers also attended Isaac Romero’s birthday bash, which reportedly took place over several days. And as Internet users have pointed out, they would like to be invited to dinner with this XXL family, which is planning things big. However, it is a completely different sequence that made the Web jump, this Monday, June 20. Back at the Galli’s, it was time to prepare the list of Christmas presents. The mother-of-five planned a special time with her triplets and asked them to choose what they wanted to order from “Santa”. With her help, they cut out what they would like from the catalog and Florie Galli was particularly surprised by the choice of her two daughters…

“Let your daughter play with whatever she wants”

The triplets have all chosen “boys’ toys”, much to the despair of the mother of the family. Facing the camera, Florie Galli expressed her regret when her two little girls did not want anything “pink” or feminine. A remark deemed a little too “cliché” by Internet users, who were offended by the words of the candidate for “Large families”. As some have explained, “Cars aren’t just for boys and Barbies aren’t just for girls.” For them, children do not have to fit into boxes.

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