a breathtaking series, with a twisted and thrilling scenario carried by a Jamie Dornan in great shape

France 2 offers an unexpected trip to the heart of Australia from this Monday, June 20 at 9:10 p.m. thanks to its excellent series The Tourist. Tele-Leisure reveals to you why this fiction should not be missed.

France 2 offers a new new series this Monday, June 20 at 9:10 p.m.: The Tourist all six episodes of which are already available on the SVOD Salto platform. The story ? Jamie Dornan (The Fall, 50 Shades of Gray) who recently lost his dad, lends life there with talent to an amnesiac man forced to survey deep Australia to try to find his identity. At the risk of realizing that he was not necessarily a good individual in all respects and that there are certain parts of his existence that he would probably prefer to forget. A road movie that may surprise viewers of more traditional thrillers that the public service usually offers on Monday evenings. But they would be wrong to shun this fiction which turns out to be quite exceptional.

The Tourist draws its references from films such as Duel Where Memento

The scenario of The Tourist do not hesitate to take as a reference a film such as Duelwhich launched the career of Steven Spielberg (who told the underside of his West Side Story) at the time, or at Mementothe feature film by Christopher Nolan. The series proves to be truly twisted and breathtaking, multiplying the twists and turns without ever taking itself seriously. If it can, here or there, propose some violent plans, it does it a little like a humorous comic strip where one would kill more inadvertently than intentionally. The exotic settings at will turn out to be as harsh and rough as most of the protagonists can be. The series is a real success from start to finish.

A very nice cast led by Jamie Dornan

The actors of The Tourist are all particularly believable. From Jamie Dornan to Danielle Macdonald (unbelievable, bird box) via Alex Dimitriades that the early fans of Hartley raw hearts will be delighted to find themselves in the shoes of a handsome bastard. Shalom Brune-Franklin, view in the excellent Line of DutyWhere Olafur Darri Olafsson, the Icelandic actor of Trapped, complete the distribution. All embody colorful characters who reveal themselves to us touch after touch.

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