Steevy Boulay went without a toilet for 1 week: late revelations about his life in the Loft!

Horrified by the fact that the candidates were filmed up to the toilets in this program which revealed Loana, Matthieu Delormeau then received some details from the journalist Laurent Argelier, specializing in reality TV. “The explanation is simple: there was indeed a camera, the production had said ‘This camera does not film you, but it is there for several reasons: if you have a health problem, second reason which is less funny , if you decide to commit suicide. And third reason, if you intend to do drugs’“, he enlightened the columnists around the table.

Concluding that “the camera was constantly filming” and but was not watched by anyone unless there had been a problem, it ends on a rather unglamorous note explaining with humor that Steevy relieved himself… with the hens! A camera which still exists today in all the reality shows, in which the showers are also filmed…

But who didn’t really bother the candidates, with the exception of Steevy: Felicien, who stayed several weeks in the loftcouldn’t really see the cameras anymore: “We didn’t really know, in any case, I remember that when we got back, we quickly forgot about the cameras. There, it was your vacation home, you have friends and of course, you see them moving but as there are no humans behind, you don’t pay attention and you forget them“, he says of his experience.

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