Nabilla mom of Leyann: she shares a great photo to find out who he looks like!

It has now been ten days since Nabilla and her husband Thomas Vergara gave birth to a little boy named Leyann, born on June 5, 2022. It is Milann’s little brother (2 years old) who is the couple’s first child. “He’s a little boy who is beautiful, who weighs 3,650 kilos, who has brown hair, who is too handsome. I’m so happy”, had declared the young woman of 30 years during the birth of the little Leyann where she took 20 kilos. As a reminder, the influencer and her companion had not revealed the future sex of the baby until his birth. It was only after the fifth month of pregnancy that Nabilla announced the happy event to her community. Nabilla did not hesitate to display her rounded belly during her travels, especially during the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

“A beautiful mix of his Dad and his Mom”

Now that the baby boy is born, who does he look like? To his mom? To his dad? To his older brother? In any case, this is the big question that Nabilla asked herself on Instagram where she shared this Sunday, June 19, a magnificent photo of her son, all covered in wool and falling asleep peacefully. Enough to melt his subscribers on Instagram who replied: “A nice mix of his Dad and his Mom!!!”, “A little air of Thomas anyway!”, “Looks like Milann”. That way, nobody is jealous ! In any case, what is certain is that little Leyann is cute as hell!

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