Matthew Fox, who had disappeared since “Lost”, reflects on his years of absence

The man who played the intrepid Jack Shephard for years explains his retirement from acting in the mid-2010s and the reasons for his upcoming return to “Last Light”.

He was the star of one of the most iconic American series of the 2000s. Matthew Fox, who played castaway Jack Shephard for six years in Lost: the missing, deserted film sets in 2015 after a few appearances in action films. During a press conference at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, where he was on Friday to present his next series, the 55-year-old actor confided in his years away from the cameras.

“I had a list of goals to achieve in the medium of television and cinema,” he said, as reported The Parisian. “After filming the western ‘Bone Tomahawk’ (his latest film, released in 2016, editor’s note), I had ticked all the boxes on this list. At that time, I felt that I needed to refocus on my children, my family (…) In recent years, I have devoted myself to other very personal artistic projects, such as music or writing.”

Matthew Fox even thought he had “retired as an actor” until last light, the object of his presence in Monte-Carlo. This five-episode series imagines a near future in which a viable oil shortage results in global chaos. He plays Andy Yeats, a petrochemical scientist who tries to find her family scattered across Europe as the planet succumbs to the threat of climate change.

Lost, “a plot stretched a little longer than necessary”

“When the opportunity to participate in last light presented itself, I wanted to see what it would be like to go back in front of the camera and be an executive producer”, he declares, still at the Parisian. “I was surprised at how rewarding it was.” Especially since it is a short format, a thousand leagues from what he knew on television:

“Both on ‘La Vie à Cinq’ (the series that made him famous in the 1990s, editor’s note) and on ‘Lost’, we did more than 100 episodes. It can be frustrating because in both cases, you have a plot that is stretched a little longer than necessary. To have the opportunity to tell a story in only five parts, it’s fascinating.”

last light is expected this year on the American platform Peacock. For the moment, no French broadcast date has been communicated.

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