Le champion olympique Romain Cannone éliminé dès le premier tour à l’épée, lors des Championnats d’Europe d’escrime

From the divine surprise to the equally astonishing exit from the road. Romain Cannone took the door with the sword, this Sunday, from the first round of the main draw. He was dominated 15-11 by Neisser Loyola, in Antalya, during the European Fencing Championships which he approached with boundless ambition, a year after conquering Mount Olympus in Tokyo.

Cannone had since confirmed, settling at the top of the world hierarchy, with the fierce desire to prove that he was not the author of a “one-shot”: “Olympic champion or not, status won’t protect me. Anyway, I don’t want to tell myself that I am an Olympic champion and that my career is over (…) I still have this energy, things to prove. This quack is a first snub in this direction.

Olympic epee champion, Cannone reviews his final: “There, it was at the limit of sausage”


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The team competition and the Worlds to bounce back

But Cannone did not say his last word during these “Europe”. He still has the team competition on Wednesday to raise his head. Above all, a summer highlight is likely to take precedence over this disappointment: the Worlds, from July 15 to 23 in Cairo. The 25-year-old swordsman will have the opportunity to prove that he is the man of major events, two years from the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

For the tricolor contingent, the medal hopes in this men’s epee event did not go away, despite its early elimination. Yannick Borel, multiple world medalist and fallen from above in Tokyo, remains in the running for the coronation. He qualified for the quarter-finals, winning his first three main draw matches 15-7, 15-11 and 15-9. Next opponent for Borel: Richard Schmidt. The semi-finals will be followed from 5:30 p.m. on our application.

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