Justin Bieber reveals he suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome which paralyzes his face

A few days ago, Justin Bieber revealed on Instagram to suffer from Ramsay Hunt syndrome. It is a form of auricular shingles linked to a dysregulation of the immune system and a reactivation of chickenpox. This disease can not only cause paralysis of the facial nerves, but also deafness.

” Hello everyone. It’s justin. I wanted to update you on what is happening to me. Of course, as you can see from my face, I have this condition called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It comes from a virus that attacks my auditory nerve and my facial nerves, which causes me to have facial paralysis, ”announced the pop star who, of course, had no choice but to cancel the next dates of his Justice World Tour.

A cry of the body

“As you can see, it’s pretty serious. I wish it weren’t, but obviously my body is telling me to slow down. I’m going to get better and I’m doing these facial exercises to get my face back to normal. It’s just a matter of time, ”continued Justin Bieber who relies on Christ while waiting for his healing.

“We don’t know how long it will take but it will be fine. I have hope and I believe in God. I also believe that if it happens, it’s for a reason. (…) I know that this storm will pass and in the meantime, Jesus is with me”, he concluded.



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