“Je suis d’accord avec lui”, Le Graët calme le jeu avec Mbappé

A few hours after Kylian Mbappé’s tweet, which replied to Noël Le Graët’s statements concerning his possible departure from the France team after Euro 2021, the president of the Federation reacted to RMC Sport. Assuring that he “agreed with him” and that he “had understood everything” of the message from the PSG player.

A few hours after the publication of Kylian Mbappé’s tweet, who responded to an interview with Noël Le Graët at the JDD, the president of the FFF wanted to clarify his remarks. Contacted by RMC Sport, he confides, after having read the publication of the PSG player during the exchange: “I agree with him. I understood everything and there is no problem with Kylian. J I’ve always had a deep attachment to his personality.”

Earlier in the day, the world champion had replied curtly to the boss of French football on Twitter, explaining that the post-Euro problem came from racist attacks concerning him, not from simple criticism of the penalty. Except that Noël Le Graët would not have listened to him, or not understood … “Yes finally I explained to him above all well that it was in relation to racism and NO to the penalty, loose Mbappé in a hundred rather dry characters. But he considered that there had been no racism…”, wrote Mbappé.

The precedent of image rights

The ping-pong game continues between the two men, who are not at their first disagreement. In recent weeks, the PSG player and the president of the FFF have notably opposed the question of the image rights of the striker in the France team. A problem that the president said solvedno later than this Saturday during the general assembly of the FFF.

In addition, a 19-year-old young man was tried in early June for a racist tweet against Kylian Mbappé, dated June 29, 2021. Six months in prison were required against the author of the message in question, but the Paris Criminal Court will not communicate its decision until September 8.

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