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Florent Pagny: This “very intriguing” message from his cousin worries internet users

Since the announcement of Florent Pagny’s lung cancer, his relatives have given him unconditional support. Starting with his eldest daughter, Aël, to whom he is very close. However, do you know that the French singer had a distant cousin? Nope ? Well know that the latter had sent him a very touching message during an audition granted to RTL. Want to know more? Find us in the next lines for more details. To your readings!

Florent Pagny: Who is Ael?

On social networks, Aël, 23, shares her sense of beauty. It comes with inspirational shots, grimacing selfies, sunsets and other snapshots of her daily life. A life almost similar to that of all young women of her age, except for a few details. That said, she is a ball kid. Daughter of Florent Pagny and his wife, inherited her parents’ artistic sense and their taste for adventure.

All XXL smiles, Florent Pagny’s daughter explains in the caption that she likes “photos, fashion, travel and Pachamama”. A nod to its Argentinian origins, the name Aël refers to Mother Earth, a well-known deity in Andean culture. An adoration that one easily imagines magnificent since the landscapes of Patagonia must be exhilarating !

An exemplary father

Aël and his little brother Inca (born in 1996) managed to find the balance of a life of happy family. Indeed, she had an atypical childhood, with a successful singer father in France. Besides, Florent Lagny claims to be very proud of his daughter! In the columns of the magazine Gala, she confided for the first time in their relationship. “He loves to say that Inca and I do not belong to him, yet I know that he is a protective but discreet dad”, she had declared!

Out of sight, close to the heart, Florent Pagny climbs remote custody. “He watches over us, even from a distance,” continued the young woman. Besides, Aël also pointed out that the singer always gives them good advice. Present but “never intrusive”, the coach of The Voic is an exemplary father and close to his children! On January 25, in a shock video, he confided bluntly about his lung cancer. Which is unfortunately inoperable. Sick, but not defeated for all that, the singer knew how to surround himself with his loved ones, and the unwavering support of his fans.

Nathalie: The distant cousin of Florent Pagny

Nathalie’s first appearance on the screen began during her audition in “Big Heads”, on RTL. Moreover, the young woman was able to seduce the entire team of Laurent Ruquier! After giving an amazing performance, the listener let go of being the distant cousin of a famous singer ! “I will invite you one day […] if I become famous like my cousin Florent Pagny, ”she revealed.

In addition, Nathalie did not hesitate to show her admiration for her cousin Florent Pagny. Moreover, the team present on the set judged the same! But unfortunately, it seems that the young woman did not have the opportunity to meet him. “It’s a shame, I’m a very distant cousin,” she said, sadly! The latter had also underlined her dream of want to share a stage with the singer. It remains to be seen whether the message was well received by the recipient!



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